Toronto Islands Adventure

By elvishefer / January, 7, 2012 / 1

With the weather as warm as it’s been, there was no excuse for staying inside on a Saturday afternoon. An impromptu walk turned into a spontaneous ferry ride to the Toronto Islands. I know I said I’d publish a post on making an exposure, but in photography, the moment is everything and I wasn’t going to miss the moment Mother Nature handed me today. Instead of talking photography, practice, practice, practice instead…

On the way to the ferry docks, I saw this graffiti on the back of a sign.

The fences and gates at the ferry docks cast harsh shadows on the pavement. Made me think of San Francisco.

A ferry pulley with an anvil, and a creamy city shoreline in the background.

Artistic tree remnants on Ward beach.

There was light ice coverage on some of the canals (I am unsure of the appropriate water system term… technically the lake separates the islands, but the small waterways in between are likely man-maintained), making for interesting photo ops. I couldn’t get close enough to the surface to do the shot I wanted due to a high retaining wall on the bank.

Tree, tree, tree, tree, tree, tree, tree, tree, tower, tree, tree.

Driftwood on the beach, and a dull sky over Toronto’s downtown core.

Random beach cat.

Random beach cat ignores.

Lake Ontario ice breaker clears a channel.

Cool textures and warm colors on a fallen tree.

Someone was kind enough to construct and leave behind a photo op. In a rush to capture the obvious, I failed to pay proper attention to the crap in the background. This photo could do with fewer electrical lines. And how about that framing… unnecessary handle bar bit anyone? (My New Year’s resolution was to have fewer post production ‘I wish I had’ moments… whoops.)

A photo taken of the boardwalk during an explanation of how to create sun stars and lens flares while shooting at f/16.

The clock on the tower of the islands fire station. We were there after 11, so it’s safe to assume it’s more ornamental than practical.

Testament to the challenges of living on a group of islands with a road system but no bridge to the mainland. Bicycle carts used for grocery getting, parked and waiting.

It was a fun walk. I guess today’s lesson is, if Mother Nature gives you a weather break in January… use it! Go outside!



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