Signs of Spring

By elvishefer / March, 12, 2012 / 0

Shooting in warm weather, with the exception of biting bugs, is far better than shooting in cold weather. Batteries last longer, and batteries are a digital shooter’s best friend. Aluminium, magnesium and other alloys stay stay warm and welcoming.  Fingers and toes stay flexible, lenses stay clear of condensation; it doesn’t get better. Today hit a high of 17 degrees and shooting was fantastic. I don’t think it really felt like Spring, but it was nice enough to make me remember what Spring and Summer are like.

I shot this railway spike on a stack of old railway ties that were recently torn up along Queen’s Quay. If I delve back into my archives, I might be able to find photos of this very spike doing its job, holding a section of track in place. The changing of the seasons heralds all kinds of change, and nothing stays the same in the city.

A walk through the distillery with a stop at Pikto to look at printing paper evolved into a meandering walk around the grounds. A look in one of the buildings revealed this red gem, which I later shamelessly saturated in post. A good shot for the wide angle lens I didn’t have with me (of course).

The walk was cut short by a rest on a fake beach and a phone call, but before the day ended I took this photo of an embarrassed tourist on a Segway. I like the motion, shot at 1/8th of a second handheld, and how the sign, the lines and the rider all work together. In post, I pushed the contrast and saturation.

Not many photos today, but a great day nonetheless. Here’s hoping many more beautiful days are coming up in Spring and Summer!



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